Art of Sarah Wiener

Concepts, sketches and finished illustrations from Sarah Wiener.

Quick sketch/paintover, split between Alchemy and Photoshop.
Just a pomegranate for fun. Done entirely in Illustrator CC14..
A spiky flower, made with Astute Graphics’ MirrorMe plugin.

Tiling pattern for fun. Free to use on the web or wherever you like.

As penance for making you look at Chris Berman’s face, I give you Hunter Pence’s face instead. Curls. So many curls.
Sometimes you start a drawing during Home Run Derby for a joke design, and then you decide not to make the design after all, but you still have a portrait of Chris Berman. 
Happens to everybody.
Happy Birthday, Joe.



If you’re a baseball fan, you know that sometimes players get Hot. You know what I mean – every ball finds a hole in the defense, they get bloops and blasts, everything’s coming up Millhouse in the batter’s box. You could call this a good BABIP, or you could do what Duane Kuiper does and say “he’s got the Magic Wandoo.” I would do the latter, because it’s clearly better.

Put this on your torso in a light shirt version here, or a dark shirt version here!

This shirt has now been endorsed by David Bee Flemming, so what more do you need?

What’s that? This shirt has now been featured in the KNBR Post Game Wrap of Tim Lincecum’s second career no hitter? Holy moly! Go buy it now and be cool like Kruk, Kuip, Jon and Dave!

Another adventure in Sailor Moon redraw, another screencap of Mamoru. Hooray! Screencap from 2x23, courtesy sailormoonscreencaps, many brushes courtesy kyletwebster.

Finally climbing aboard the Sailor Moon Redraw train. Poor Mamoru. It’s a hard life. Cap from episode 1x19, courtesy sailormoonscreencaps. Many brushes from kyletwebster.